All Night Sedans – Leif Vollebekk

If you’ve ever driven around all night in order to collect your thoughts and contemplate how life works, then perhaps you should consider adding Leif Vollebekk to your playlist.

With the recent release of his third LP, Twin Solitudes, the confessional and contemplative artist from Montreal uses his remarkably calm stream of consciousness lyricism to create the perfect soundtrack for a day of reflection. With clear influence from the likes of Neil Young and Jeff Buckley, Leif Vollebekk uses simplicity to tell heartfelt stories.

All Night Sedans specifically captures that moment of driving around all night wishing ‘it could’ve been another way’. Vollebekk notes he came up with the title on a trip to Florida, where he saw a car that said ‘All Night Sedans’ on the back. It meant everything and nothing to him – it just took him somewhere. That same description suits the song fairly well, actually.

While All Night Sedans’ lyrics have at least one thing that every person can pick out and relate to, Vollebekk’s decision to keep the lyrics vague enough prevent them from taking you somewhere specific. Yet with a simple piano and a velvety, melancholic voice, All Night Sedans takes you away from the current moment you’re in in order to ponder about the future and what could’ve been.

Give it a listen below:


Image Credit: Northern Transmissions


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