Yearning – Plaitum

This week I was swept away by a song that was a chilling blend of strange and familiar.

“Yearning” is the curious new indie electro-pop single from Matt Canham and Abi Dersiley, who make up the London Based duo, Plaitum. The two had previously released two EPs, and “Yearning” comes in advance of their debut album Constraint. This song is a bit different from their previous songs like the boldly uninhibited LMHY. Taking a slower pace, the cooler and more muted music in “Yearning” takes the time to really seep in.

Some of the best parts of the track come from the two guitar solos; one brief piece halfway through, and the longer, higher pitched piece shortly after. They are simple yet perfect break from the swirling synths, occasional gated reverb, and pulsing electronic beat. “Yearning” has a kind of retro vibe, particularly in the drum section and the thrumming electricity of the background music.

The dreamy vocals echo just audibly beneath the music; it’s a little difficult to understand the lyrics but it adds to the overlapping layers of the song. You can just catch snippets of lines fading in and out of discernibility, complementing the dark atmosphere of the overall track.

When you listen to it, your thoughts are drowned in the overwhelming haze of gorgeous sounds. This is the kind of song that leaves you craving for more.


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