Easy- The Commodores

Like most of my 1977 musical knowledge, my choice for the Track of the Day this week came from my dad.

While we drove home from school the other day, I asked him to try and help me come up with a song, and “Easy” by the Commodores was one of the first ones he said that also happened to come out in ‘77. I was pretty surprised that he managed to name a song so quickly, considering he still doesn’t know half of my friends’ names. He said he listened to it at work, but from the stories I’ve heard about his younger years, I’m not too sure I believe him.
“Easy” became #1 on the Billboard R&B Chart and would later be one of the pivotal moments in Lionel Richie’s future career, particularly with the ballads he would help create. While I like the electric guitar and the piano, Richie’s lyrics and voice are the true gem of this song, at least for me. As my dad and I listened to the song in the car, he told me the backstory behind the song; that Richie wants a simple relationship, and doesn’t understand “Why in the world would anybody put chains on [him]”. He refuses to change for a relationship and isn’t “happy when [he tries] to fake it”. The moral of the song, really, is that Richie is “easy like Sunday Morning” in that he doesn’t need or want a complicated relationship, just someone to spend his time with and make him happy.


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