1977 Album in Review: News of the World – Queen

Queen’s 1977 album News of the World walks a fine line between the band pushing the boundaries of their music and just completely transitioning into a stadium rock aesthetic. There are songs on the album such as “Sheer Heart Attack,” where Queen tries to embrace the punk sound, while still keeping together the sound of Queen that we are all used to. “Fight From the Inside” shows a diversion in Queen’s sound as it is really the first time John Deacon and Roger Taylor get to drive a song forward with muddy bass and drums. Brian May still has an influence on the sound with his electric guitar, but we don’t get that expected solo around the end of the track. This is a rare occasion for Queen when May’s beautiful playing takes a back seat, and as a result they sounded like a completely different band.

Of course there are two other singles known by millions around the world that contrast the two aforementioned examples: “We Will Rock You,” and “We are the Champions.” To say that these two sport anthems are two of the biggest rock singles of all time would be an understatement. “We Will Rock You” and its memorable boom-boom-clap beat are played at almost every major sporting event that requires a passionate crowd. The simple yet almost proverbial lyrics breath life into the hearts of many sports fans and stadium rock fans alike. “We are the Champions” can be heard crooned by thousands of people at many different sporting championships. It gives a feeling of ultimate conclusion and celebration for the winners, whoever they may be.

News of the World was an album that not only provided listeners with songs that they would be hearing for the rest of their lives, it also showed the flexibility of Queen as musicians. The commercial success of the album would cement Queen as one of the most successful rock bands of all time.


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