“The Album” 1977- ABBA Review

Whether it’s from the popular musical “Mamamia” or simply turning on an oldies radio station you’ve come across ABBA. This Swedish co-ed group were the first and most successful non-English speaking group to make it big in English countries. With their popularity height in UK, Ireland, Canada and more, they were the most popular group at the time, topping charts.  ABBA were like the PSY of 1977, except they kept coming back!

In 1977 ABBA released their 5th studio album The Album featuring tracks that are still popular to this day such as “Eagles” and “Take a chance on me”. This album was so popular that they had to delay the release of it in the UK until January 1978 in order to make more copies.

The Album starts off with the track “Eagle” which has a smooth disco beat, featuring a heavy bass and drums accompanied by typical 70’s style synths. The song progresses by introducing each instrument and sound, until finally Agnetha Fältskog and Anni-Frid Lyngstad begin to sing. The two female singers harmonize perfectly with each other and the track is hauntingly beautiful, with it’s lyrics “high high, I’m a bird in the sky, I’m an eagle that rides on the breeze”.

“The Name of the Game” combines disco and blues into one genre. The verse has a heavy bass and subtle drum beat, similar to a blues track, however the chorus picks up into a bright acoustic strum and a light, heartfelt pattern of synthesized piano riffs subtly in the back. “Name of the Game” was so popular it placed third place on RPM Singles in Canada. In Eastern European countries, because of the cold war western music was discouraged however ABBA still sold an unbelievable on million copies of The Album in Portugal.

My mother use to always tell me that 1982 was a sad year because ABBA had stopped putting out music as a group. However their legacy will live on throughout years to come and internationally fans will always sing “thank you for the music” as a tribute to this amazing group.


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